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Around the campingsite


Around the campingsite

Normally, you move around the campsite by using your legs. But the children and other childlike souls also have the opportunity to get around the place in a slightly more fun way, namely on the moon car or on a bicycle. In this way, the children experience Limfjord's Camping & Vandland from a different perspective and at the same time they are getting some exercise.

Rundt på pladsen

Rundt på pladsen

Krabbe Expressen

Krabbe Expressen

Take a trip with the Krabbe Express

The Krabbe Express is free and runs at. 11.00 and 11.00 17.00 from platform 7, which is in front of the Icebar.

On the Krabbe Express, the two owners of Limfjords Camping & Vandland are there to share the fun and good times with you driving through the campsite, waving at its campers. One trip can easily become two if you want to.

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